Version 0.25 is ready


What’s new?

  • Play/Stop with space bar;
  • switch beetwen normal/full screen view with double click;
  • some minor improvements.

Download it here  and Happy Learning!


BOOMA player. V.02

Booma player

What is it?

It’s an application for Chrome browser that allows you add bookmarks to video tutorials (*.mp4 format) . That’s it. I love tutorials but can’t find a player that can allow me create bookmarks in easy way. That’s why BOOMA was created… you know, “If you want something done, do it yourself” ©Zorg

Is it free?

Absolutely. Use it if you like it. No pay, no warranty, no ads, free as a free beer and so on and so forth.

How to install it?

  • Download it!
  • In Chrome go Tools -> Extensions
  • Drag  and drop the file (*.crx) onto this page. In a pop-up window click the “Add” button (or, of course, don’t click it if you don’t want install BOOMA…)
  • That’s it. Now you can find it under the tab “Applications” (top left corner of Chrome window)

Are there any limits in using/working with BOOMA?

Of course. It’s in very beginning, so

  • it’s an application for Chrome, not standalone software. So you need Chrome installed in your system;
  • you can view only mp4 files;
  • you can’t save your bookmarks in separate files (for sharing it with someone, for example). Yes, BOOMA saves created boomarks by itself and in its own way but no, you can’t share them.

I think it’s all for now. Thoughts, questions, suggestions etc  – in comments, please.

P.S. And sorry for my English 😉